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Constantly dealing with an overwhelming negative thinking?

Would you like to discover human mind?

Do you want to find out the deepest thoughts of the ones you relate to?

Have you ever dreamed of influencing others' decisions?

Would you like to persuade people with your body language?

That's a fact...thoughts can be your best ally or your worst enemy. Surely you have always been wondering how could you manage them on your behalf and influence people's ones. You'd like to see your partner appreciating every shade of you or to impress your colleagues to the extent that they would be eating out of the palm of your hand. Probably you have been fantasizing about how would you feel being in charge of every sphere of your life. Well, wake up!

In these books you are going to learn how to rule everyone's mind, applying the most powerful manipulation strategies in the world.

This book includes six books"

Book 1: Emotional Intelligence

How to manage your anger and be at ease in public
Why keeping calm and suppressing rage can make you wiser
Seven quick strategies to read people's body language
Ten tools to recode your behavior and become and improve your relations

Book 2: Cognitive Behavioral Terapy

What is CBT and how it can restore your mind
Seven techniques to defeat anxiety and come back to face your daily challenges
How to improve self-discipline
Nine steps to manage your anger and be in charge of your reactions
How your goal setting can get easier thanks to CBT

Book 3: NLP

What is NLP and how it can bring you to success
How to control your own deepest thoughts
Thirteen secrets to control your language
Seven strategies to influence and manipulate everyone

Book 4: Dark Psychology

How to prevent others using it against you
What is dark psychology and how it can change your life
Seven strategies to sneak into people's minds
How to use dark psychology to influence anyone
How to use dark psychology in seduction

Book 5: Body Language

Seventeen strategies to read body language instantly
How to figure out emotions by people's gestures
How to communicate at your best using both verbal and nonverbal communication
Seven rules to discover if your interlocutor is lying by his moves
How to persuade everyone with perfect communication skill and persuasive body language

Book 6: Manipulation

What is manipulation and how to make it your best weapon to rule
Seven foolproof techniques of persuasion to make others do what you want
How to get rid of toxic manipulators
How to exploit mind control to achieve success
Ten strategies to influence people through dark psychology

With these simple tips you will learn to get rid of your social anxiety and to be more positive. This guide will teach you the tools to improve your emotional intelligence and raise your social skills. You will be able to break in anyone's mind and control it. We will provide you everything you need to free yourself from manipulation and never become a victim of toxic manipulation again.

Do you think you will never be able to apply all of the tips we are suggesting you?

Don't worry! This is a step-by-step guide that will provide you with practical examples and science-based actions - a real recipe for permanent change.

So what are you waiting for? Stop messing around! Get your copy today by clicking the buy now button!

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Kevin Harding
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November 9
Alba Romito