Mark Twain on the Moon: Books 1-3 in One Volume (Unabridged) Mark Twain on the Moon: Books 1-3 in One Volume (Unabridged)

Mark Twain on the Moon: Books 1-3 in One Volume (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

The first three books in the Mark Twain on the Moon series, now in one volume!

Book one: Prospectors

In an alternate 19th century, young Samuel Clemens sets out for the mining camps of America’s wildest frontier: the moon. Travel with Sam and his partner Calvin as they venture into the desolate, deadly wastes of the Mare Imbrium and the Montes Caucasus, in search of wonders, adventure, and a fortune in precious water ice. This is Prospectors, the opening salvo in the epic saga of Mark Twain on the Moon, as told by the alternate Mark Twain himself.

Book two: The Deirdre

The amazing, perilous, sometimes hilarious adventures of Samuel Clemens on the moon continue when Sam and Calvin are rescued by the men of the Deirdre, an ice mine on the crater’s rim, and forced into indentured servitude, digging for ice deep under the surface of the moon. But when the Deirdres jump a neighboring claim, and no-nonsense Calvin hears the cries of a long-dead miner on his radio, life inside the moon turns deadly, and soon Sam needs all of his wits, and a six-gun, to keep himself and the Deirdres alive.

Book Three: Home

Driven out of the Deirdre by a violent band of claim-jumping miners, Sam, Calvin, Perkins, and Chalk strike out into unexplored Lunar territory. But when disaster strikes their former colleagues, the Clemens-Bemis Expedition must take on refugees. With supplies running short and dissent rising, is mutiny over the all-too-close horizon? Then Sam encounters the impossible: a girl in a pressure suit, who after saving his life introduces him to the mysterious cavern dwellers of Home. The "young sirs" of the Expedition are treated royally by the Whoa and Earls of Home, but their safe haven hides a terrifying secret that Sam must discover before it’s too late.

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Randy Hames
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August 28
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