Metacognitive Therapy: Free Yourself from Imprisoning Thoughts Metacognitive Therapy: Free Yourself from Imprisoning Thoughts

Metacognitive Therapy: Free Yourself from Imprisoning Thoughts

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“Metacognitive Therapy – Free Yourself from Imprisoning Thoughts”

Metacognitive therapy is a groundbreaking approach in psychology, emphasizing the identification and challenge of metacognitive processes that individuals employ when dealing with their thoughts and feelings. By understanding and addressing the metacognitive management systems underlying behaviour and thought patterns, individuals can break free from the cycle of anxiety, depression, and stress. Offering a comprehensive understanding and practical guidance, the book empowers readers to explore the mechanisms behind thought patterns and emotional reactions influencing their well-being.

We cannot get better by ruminating and worrying. Nevertheless, these are the strategies for many who suffer from anxiety and depression. But a wound does not heal by continuing to scratch at it. It just becomes bigger and bigger. If we spend several hours each day wondering about our gloomy thoughts, we become even more depressed and anxious, and do not thrive well psychologically. By using cases as examples, "Metacognitive Therapy – Free Yourself from Imprisoning Thoughts" shows us how metacognitive therapy can help us manage our thought processes. At the same time, this book is also a critical voice and warning about the evaluation culture we have created. A culture where more and more people are developing anxiety and depressive disorders because we are constantly under surveillance and must fit into certain schemas. We need to learn how to think for ourselves and be aware that we can regain control over our thought processes.

The author Linda Burlan Sørensen is a licensed clinical psychologist and specialist in psychotherapy and supervision. She is an expert in metacognitive therapy and owner of the Neokognitivt Institut in Copenhagen, Denmark, which offers therapy, professional courses, education, and supervision.

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