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Are you ready to build wealth in your early 20s? Do you need a guide that will lead you to develop your mind just like a millionaire? What does it take to be considered "rich" in the US? Do you want to know how much money you need to be considered a millionaire, what the millionaire success habits are, and how many hours millionaires work? Do you want to get the millionaire mentality and a productive mindset?

This audiobook is a complete guide to being productive and becoming rich in no time. And lucky for you, this audiobook will show you everything you need to know to make money in no time and develop your mindset just like a millionaire. In it, you will learn:

Introduction to millionaires 
Fluid assets and net worth
What is a millionaire? 
What does a real millionaire resemble? 
What does being a millionaire mean today? 
What does financial security mean to people? 
Seven signs you're building riches quicker than you might suspect
What does it take to be considered "rich" in the US? A million dollars and a house? 
Who needs to be a millionaire? 
How many millionaires are in the world?
Worldwide millionaire population analysis 2019: The number of millionaires in the country getting rich
The seven secrets to becoming wealthy in your 20s and 30s 
Eight way-of-life changes to make if you need to get wealthy in 2019
What is the key to getting wealthy throughout everyday life? 
What are the habits of millionaires?
How old is the average millionaire?
What are the millionaire success habits, and how many hours do millionaires work?
How hard do you need to function to turn into a millionaire? 
How do you get millionaire mentality, and what is a productive mindset?
Eight traits common to millionaires under 30 
Will entrepreneurship make you rich? 
A realistic perspective
What entrepreneurship does give you 
Does the enterprise make you productive?
What can a person do to improve their memory?
And much more

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Business & Personal Finance
Rhonda Cusumano
hr min
April 22
Aqib Ali