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Have you ever been approaching a new year and wondered where did the time go? Have you ever been so hard on yourself and held yourself to an impossible standard, causing stress, anxiety, and reduced self-esteem? Have you ever been physically present in an experience, but not mentally all there?

When we have so many obligations pulling us in a million different directions, it’s easy to lose sight of what really matters, and get ourselves caught up in living in the future, never taking a moment to fully experience the now. And it’s easy to feel like that next thing will, somehow, be more valuable than what is currently showing up in our lives, and every person or circumstance we come across is on trial.

Wouldn’t it be great to just be grateful? To fully experience the magic in everyday moments? To love and accept yourself fully despite being on a personal growth journey? To not feel like time is whizzing by as you collapse under the weight of a constant barrage of worries and responsibilities and time commitments?

Sometimes, a mental reset is just what we need to remind ourselves to slow down; stop judging ourselves, everyone, and everything so harshly; and be grateful.

This book contains over 950 (unique, not repeated) powerful positive affirmations to help you produce just the mental clarity needed to get back to a mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy position from which life can actually be both enjoyed and advanced.

It will help you:

Slow down and be present
Be grateful
Accept change
Control yourself and your surroundings
Accept yourself

Even if you've always felt like there’s never enough hours in the day, or have never been able to be kind to yourself or accept things you can’t change, you can change your mind to ultimately change your life. 

Affirmations are backed by neuroscientific principles that prove we can rewire our brains based on our thoughts.

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Mark Boyd
hr min
September 16
EM Publishing