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Yes, you really will lose fat! No counting calories, measuring portions of food, or weighing morsels of dried out flavorless chicken breast. No counting. You're not the Devil guy on Sesame Street. Also, no gym. You studied hard and graduated school to avoid doing grueling hard labor for a living. Why should you now pay money to a gym owner to do grueling hard labor lifting his weights? If the gym owner wants work done, he should pay you. That's the way capitalism works. No complicated system to learn and memorize. No terrible diet recipes. Just a few easy to remember fat loss guidelines to apply throughout the day while you do everything you would normally do. Yes, you read that right, while doing everything you would normally do, eating the things you would normally eat, and not doing any additional exercise. But, you won't just magically lose fat by doing nothing. There are, in fact, a few simple, fast, and easy things you must do during the day to lose weight. If you don't do anything, and simply make the New Year's resolution that you want to lose 10 pounds of fat this year, halfway through the year, you'll realize you have 14 pounds to go. If you're an ambitious high-achiever who's always down for whatever, impulsively dive in and begin reading this book now. If you're shy and like to do things slowly and cautiously, not on the first date, ask someone you trust if it's OK to open the book preview sample section now. If you're a Goldilocks, do whatever makes you feel most comfortable, because I'm always a gentleman like that - anyways, that's enough cringy jokes. If you're here after reading one of my other marvellously scrawled books, you know what to expect. Yes, it really does require only one hour to read, learn, and start losing fat. You are only one hour away from knowing what to do and beginning your weightloss journey.

Zane Rozzi
hr min
March 23
Zane Rozzi

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