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Are you someone who struggles to focus at home, at work, or in your social life? 

Do you find that when you sit down to try and focus on something, you can’t help but be plagued by negative thoughts and anxiety? 

Does this stress and anxiety make you feel worthless, helpless, or like you’re separated from other people because of it?

You’re not alone in your pain and your stress. Stress and anxiety that makes you feel separated from the world, and as if you’re all alone in your problems, is caused by overthinking! The modern world we live in puts pressure on us to fit society’s mold, and when we don’t feel like we’re up to par with that mold, we can break down and suffer severely from anxiety and depression — it can feel like our brain is sabotaging us. 

However, you have the power to take back your thoughts and your mind and live the happy, successful life you were meant to live! Here’s just a tiny fraction of what you’ll find in this audiobook:

Reasons that we build up all this stress, depression, or anxiety
Possible reasons that our mind can lose control of itself
Ways you can embrace yourself, no matter where you are on your journey to becoming a better and kinder person
Good habits as they pertain to holding yourself accountable for your actions, connecting with other people, and asking them for help when they need it
Ways that a healthy support system functions when it comes to recovering from anything or having any kind of healing journey
And much more!

Even if you’ve already tried to improve yourself for years, or if you’ve very recently had a moment of awareness where you realized you needed to make changes in your life, there are ways we can help to make your healing process smoother and quicker.

So, if you know you need to stop overthinking and get your life back on track so you can live your best life, add Overthinking to your cart to start your journey.

Theresa Stephens
hr min
April 10
AK Publishing Company ltd