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What’s the difference between you and a millionaire? It might not be what you think!

There’s more than a million ways to make a million dollars. But there’s only one way to make a million dollars easily, with a minimum of effort — exploring, using, and exploiting passive income methods.

Traditionalists will tell you that it’s only through hard work and dedication that you can find wealth and success. And it’s true that hard work and dedication do play a part, especially at the beginning. But when you generate passive income, you let your initial efforts continue to bring in money, with no further work from you. You can literally make money 24 hours a day, every single day of the year — even while you’re asleep!

But what does it take? More than just dreams!

Retrain your brain to cultivate the millionaire mindset and habits that will hone your drive and determination — and use the passive income methods in this book to turn every single hour of every single day into a contributing factor to your success.

Passive Income: Make Money Online With Passive Income Ideas - Millionaire Mindset and Millionaire Success Habits will teach you:

The methods that millionaires can use to grow their stash, even when they’re not actively working

How to find new and exciting opportunities to make passive income — even when you least expect it

The habits that successful people cultivate in order to increase drive, determination, and daring

Traditional and nontraditional passive income avenues

The five steps it takes to give you the millionaire mindset

If your goal is to take, not just steps toward making your first million, but giant leaps, then this is the book you need to read!

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William Harvey, Jr
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March 11
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