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Publisher Description

In this audiobook, you can get straightforward information without any boring theories, complicated strategies, or meaningless stuff. I am here to dish you what you must know in order to become a successful penny stock dealer. 

I authored this book about penny shares for a beginner for two reasons: Firstly, I want to help you - and investors like you - steer clear of the common (and easily preventable) errors in penny stocks trading. Secondly, I want to show you how wonderful it can be to get into a big company early and build a significant wealth of small investment, as stocks are growing many times.

Among the topics covered in this audiobook, here are a few:
Why penny shares have a bad reputation among many tradersHow to avoid pitfalls, the first step is to make big profitsWhat are penny shares (for beginners)How to trade without risk and moneyWho looks at the best stock investment coin and where you can find themWhy the right trading strategies will change money in the bankHow technical analysis helps you refine your shopping opportunitiesHow to make financial relationships for better comparisons and through extension, better ROIWhy abstract review gives you a great trading advantage
You can go directly to the sections that interest you. I promise you that you will find what you want to know very quickly, and I will not subject you to financial nonsense or unnecessary details along the way. 

Whether you can take advantage of any major investment out there or take advantage of the great deal of finding many excellent (yet undiscovered) shares, this audiobook has something for you!

Business & Personal Finance
Michael Goodrick
hr min
December 25
Mark Prigun