Personal Branding: A Comprehensive Beginners Guide for 2020 (Unabridged‪)‬

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Personal branding is the ultimate professional tool that anyone can use — whether you run your own business or if you are trying to climb the corporate ladder.

Learning how to brand yourself and leverage your brand effectively can mean the difference between getting mundane or low-value opportunities that undervalue your skills and strengths and getting high-value and aligned opportunities that value you and your talents. There are countless benefits that come from creating a personal brand and leveraging it for your success — including higher-quality opportunities, better pay, and a greater perceived value that earns you extra perks and bonuses.

Although personal branding is a relatively new topic to share, it has already been around for generations. In reality, personal branding ultimately refers to the reputation that you have and how that reputation either works for you or otherwise. If you have a positive personal reputation, you can leverage it to establish authority in your industry and begin creating better opportunities for you to take advantage of. Smart people have been leveraging their professional and personal reputations for years as a way to increase their status and earn a greater living through their careers.

These days, the entire face of personal branding has changed due to the inclusion of social media and online marketing. Before, your reputation was built through face-to-face interactions and word of mouth. Now, you can build an entire online platform that imprints who you are into the online space and allows you to share that reputation in a broader way so that you can get in front of more people who can open doors for you.

If you are ready to begin leveraging your personal brand and generating personal success through your own efforts, Personal Branding: A Comprehensive Beginners Guide for 2020 is the ultimate book for you. Grab your copy today to start learning about personal branding!

Things that you will learn include:

What a personal brand is and why they are so valuable
How personal brands unlock the doors for greater opportunities
The five steps to building your own successful personal brand
The importance of being authentic in your personal brand
How you can market yourself
How to create products or services for you to sell
What it takes to make sales
How you can get your first clients
What you need to begin doing so that you can scale your personal brand
And more!

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