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Learn music theory and how to play the piano today!

Imagine yourself sitting in front of the piano...putting your fingers on the keys...and starting to play an amazing piece that will leave the room in awe.

Imagine the respect, the admiration, and the self-esteem you'll acquire by knowing that you can master the piano and you can write beautiful melodies at will.

Imagine what an outstanding musician you'd be, if only you could write creative songs and melodies.

If you have an intimate dream of becoming a good musician, or even just as a hobby - this audiobook is for you!

In this outstanding two-in-one audiobook bundle, you have a change to learn both music theory and practical piano!

No need to study fluffy content that goes in circles for hours, no need to "figure it out yourself" for years, no need to give up on your burning desire to play music professionally - now you can set the basics, start writing music, and become a decent musician - all in this two-in-one must-have audiobook bundle for any person who wish you engage in music!

Here is just a tease of what you can find inside:

Discover how to learn music theory quickly as a beginner
Learn what are scales and why they're important?
Reveal the most important elements of good music
Piano, guitar and other instruments tips & step-by-step tutorials
And much, much more!

"How can this audiobook make me a musician?"

You will not become the next Mozart or the most successful music producer in the world just by listening to this audiobook. But - it will help you understand music and acquire the basic knowledge necessary to write your own melodies and produce decent songs.

"Is this audiobook for me?"

If you wish to learn how to play guitar, piano, flute, organ, potato - this audiobook is for you! Music theory and basic elements are fixed and they're the same in every instrument. Piano is only the beginning - you can take the skills you'll learn in this audiobook and copy and paste them into other music instruments as well.

Stop hoping to become a musician - and take action towards your goals!

Andy Parrish
hr min
January 3
Woody Morgan