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Few things are more taboo than gay lustful feelings for the men who raised you, especially when there are more than one of them. These three forbidden tales show what happens when a guy grows up and returns to that familiar place where the men-of-the-house call all the shots, and finds himself in middle of a gay hardcore g******g!

Gay Route

Andy, a hot, gay college boy, loves his morning run and sticks to it. It's not just the part about getting fit that Andy enjoys though, it's also the fact that his route takes him right past the home of the men who raised him.

It all starts as a joke, but the more these older men catcall Andy from the front porch, the hornier he starts to get. Finally, things come to a head when Andy decides to give the men who raised him a taste of their own medicine, resulting in a gay, taboo g******g.

Gay Home Movie

The man who raised Greg loves to make home movies, but it's not until Greg unknowing becomes the star of his own gay porno that he realizes just how taboo their relationship has gotten.

It's not long before Greg is making a movie of his own, and showing it for all of the men who raised him. The next thing he knows, Greg is thrust into the forbidden, gay g******g that he never knew he wanted!

Gay Test

For her final project on human sexuality, Tim's friend, Julia, has created a comprehensive test that can determine exactly what your deepest, darkest fantasy is. It's a test that Tim would like to avoid at all costs.

The two have been friends for years and tell each other everything, but there's one secret that Tim simply can't reveal; he can't stop fantasizing about the men who raised him.

Now faced with the undeniable truth about his forbidden gay fantasy, Tim must expel his desires in a hardcore g******g with the men who raised him.

Andy Paigeman
hr min
July 4
Andy Paigeman