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Are you a little nervous because you don't know what to expect from your first pregnancy?

"I'm pregnant, what am I going to do now?", "How is my body going to change?", “Will I be able to be a good mum?", "What am I going to do with work now?", "Will I regain my physical fitness?"

If you've been asking yourself at least one of these questions as a first-time mum...don't worry, I know how you feel. That's because I asked myself the same questions when I first got pregnant.

Waiting for a child so much is the greatest happiness a woman can have, but let's face it, it's incredibly stressing! I was in the first place very agitated when I received what was supposed to be the most beautiful news of my life. 

The idea of carrying a small life in my belly filled my heart with joy, but at the same time my head was filled with questions and worries, because I had no idea what to expect. A jump into the void!

That's why I decided to write this audiobook, to help new mothers like you to put aside all the anxieties about pregnancy and guide you step-by-step to the nine most beautiful, but also most complicated, months of your life in the most healthy and peaceful way possible.

In this volume you will find:

How to prepare for pregnancy
How to manage exactly the changes in your body and those of your baby at every stage of pregnancy and eliminate stress and anxiety
The number one diet you must follow for a healthy pregnancy 
How to manage your pregnancy if you are a single mum
How to manage your life as a couple and keep your passion alive
How to manage and permanently eliminate the most common problems during and after pregnancy 
The best tips for taking care of your baby for the first few weeks after giving birth
And much more!

I've been a mum three times and I've been through a lot. That's why I offer you an extremely practical guide to you to the most beautiful path of your life.

If you are ready to enjoy a healthy and wonderful pregnancy buy your copy now!

Gail Burkel
hr min
May 13
First Time Parents Blueprint