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Many people have had bad experiences when there is a narcissist or many narcissists in their life. They constantly feel bombarded and attacked when they are in the vicinity of the narcissist. The narcissist cycles between idealizing, devaluing, and then destroying his victims.

You might recognize this form of abuse as being part of the domestic violence abuse cycle that is shared with victims in domestic violence shelters worldwide. Narcissistic abuse, however, is nearly always much more severe than standard intimate relationship abuse. Narcissistic abuse includes projecting and deflecting negative and harsh words toward others who are close to the narcissist to inflict pain or emotion where the narcissist was previously suppressing the thoughts.

Projection and deflecting has many purposes to the narcissist. He projects and deflects the unwanted parts of himself onto the other person who is close to him. He projects and deflects as a way to rid himself of his unwanted parts. He projects and deflects in a primitive effort to control the other person's mind and body. He projects and deflects as a primitive coping mechanism in order to deal with his own feelings about the idea projected and deflected. It is out in the open when he says it out loud, and thus he can reject actively the ideas projected and deflected by rejecting the person who he directs the harsh words to.

The narcissistic abuse causes serious disorders such as trauma bonding, narcissistic abuse syndrome, Cassandra syndrome, Wendy Complex, PTSD, Complex PTSD, depression, anxiety, battered woman syndrome and more. Many of these conditions are caused after repetitive needs deprivation that is intentionally inflicted upon them by the self-centered narcissist.

The narcissist deprives the needs of his partner in order to create a sort of Stockholm Syndrome in his victim. He is often skilled at this because someone caused this narcissistic injury to him early on in his own life.

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September 11
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