Rapid Weight Loss Hypnosis: Powerful Hypnosis Psychology, Guided Meditations with Over 50 Affirmations for Women Who Want Fat Burn. Increase Your Motivation, Self Esteem and Heal Your Body and Soul. (Unabridged‪)‬

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Do you want to lose weight? First, do you know why you have problems with your weight?

"I'm Bonnie, 27 years old and weighing 83 kilograms (183 lbs), and I hate my body. For me, everyone can say that we need to accept ourselves. We are fine the way we are, as these are the characteristics we were born with. I hate this approach! I was not born this way. No one is born fat. We may be genetically predisposed to gain weight, but it's not encoded in our cells to carry an extra 30 kilograms (60 lbs)."

I don’t want to convince Bonnie or anyone to lose weight because it doesn’t matter how big you are to be happy. What I want to do is to convince you to make a decision. 

You probably don’t really believe that you would be much happier and healthier if you could get rid of a piece of chocolate. You don’t really imagine yourself slimmer and with an attractive body. You are convinced that your current shape will accompany you in your whole life. Let me destroy this dangerous belief! 

Change is part of life, so it is natural. Nothing is permanent, neither is your body shape. You don’t have to live your whole existence in a body you don’t like, while there are ways to change it. Kilos are changeable things. As Bonnie said, nobody is born fat. It’s not a disability that you cannot change. I want you to make a decision. 

If you decide that what you see in the mirror is ugly to you, it would be beneficial to change that picture (by losing weight or by changing your perception). If you feel happy with your appearance, don’t change anything!

You are invited to listen this book. In both cases, you will find interesting information, knowledge, and Bonnie’s amazing story! I will tell you how to love your body and how to lose weight using an incredible source: your mind.

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Clare Radix
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February 11
Karen Nhat-Loss