Real Estate Investing Step by Step: How to Make Money and Achieve Financial Freedom with Online Managed Rental Properties. Buy Low, Rent High (Unabridged‪)‬

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Download for free the highlights of our first book How to Invest in USA Real Estate.

This book is the result of our first-hand experience in the field, which we wish we had when we set out in search of our first homes to buy to put to income. 

There are many opportunities in real estate in America.

However, there are also risks that you need to be aware of, and somewhat calculate before buying a home in the USA. Often these risks are ignored if you rely solely and exclusively on real estate agencies.

From the need to clearly understand the dynamics of this mode of investment and then to be able to control it directly was born the course Income Houses in the USA, and then the book you are about to listen to.

Our strength is that in addition to being real estate consultants, we do things for ourselves first.

The Investing in the United States project was born out of our need to diversify what we had managed to build over years of work.

We didn't want to create a second job for ourselves!

We wanted to make money work for us, without using financial instruments that were difficult to control, and always remaining in the real estate sector.

Studying, taking courses with the N.A.R. and the F.I.A.I.P. back in 2005, and experimenting first hand, we realized that we had to buy houses in the US that in addition to having an excellent rental income could also have a prospect of revaluation in the medium to long term. 

Since we were all married, with children, living and working in Italy, the essential condition was to be able to work remotely so that we did not have to deal directly with the management of the house and the tenant.

Our goal was to build an extra income, not dependent on our work. To understand a kind of "pension".

We wanted to invest in a country with a strong economy, a lively real estate market, and above all that had strong protection of property.

A country that in addition to protecting tenants also protects homeowners.

A country where houses can give much higher net returns than in Italy.

A country with few but clear and precise rules.

We found all this in the United States.

Initially, we bought houses through organized structures. It all seemed fantastic but we realized that something wasn't right...

So we took the plane to touch the American reality and we decided to invest time and money in training and direct experience in the field.

We wanted to invest part of our resources to generate monthly income without our direct intervention, but always having control over the investment made.

I confess that sometimes we got burned, but every mistake we made us grow to find the best way to achieve our goal, which, if you're reading this, is also your goal.

With this book, we've laid out the road to your goal of real estate investing in the USA.

We are all different and there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

But there is the best solution for you.

Go deeper, understand the dynamics of this investment method, and then, once you get off on the right foot, you'll see that the road will be downhill and you too will discover the pleasure of collecting an extra paycheck every month without going to work.... A pleasant feeling.

Today more than ever creating a second or third economic income, disconnected from our main job is essential. 

We all discovered this during the recent lockdown.

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Rubén González
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October 30
Michele Brizi, Roberto D'Addario