Restoration: A Silver Fox Redemption Romance (Brady Family, Book 6) (Unabridged) Restoration: A Silver Fox Redemption Romance (Brady Family, Book 6) (Unabridged)

Restoration: A Silver Fox Redemption Romance (Brady Family, Book 6) (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • $9.99

Publisher Description

Giving in to their attraction could fracture their connection with their adult children. But staying apart might mean they miss their last chance at love….

Impulsive, eccentric, moody...Mick Brady has heard it all in his 60 years, and brushed it all off just as quickly. When his adult son finally lets him know the impact of his choices, Mick is crawling out of his skin with regret.

Celeste Sheffield has lost everything she thought was important, but in her late 50s, she’s figuring out what really matters: her family. Celeste’s son marries into the Brady crew, and she’s drawn into their boisterous, supportive orbit. She’s also distracted by her feelings for the handsome patriarch of the family, and she can’t seem to get him out of her head.

Mick and Celeste bond over their shared experiences with loneliness and their quest to mend fences with their families. They’ll just have to tamp down the spark smoldering beneath their friendship. Mick is no stranger to lust, after all. He can keep his pants zipped around Celeste and prove to his kids he can be a responsible adult.

When Mick’s grandson has an accident on Mick's watch, he calls on the one person he knows won’t judge his babysitting skills. But does she have to look so good when she swoops in to save the day? Can Mick and Celeste avoid temptation as they focus on changing their lives? Or could their relationship be the thing that helps them stay the course?

Restoration is a later-in-life redemption romance with plenty of pining. If you like messy family dynamics, unforgettable characters, and a slow burn that curls your toes, you’ll devour this final chapter of the Brady Family series.

Tom Taylorson, Carly Robins
hr min
September 15
Lainey Davis