Roar: Roger Orr: American Master, the Oral Biography (Unabridged‪)‬

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A new novel by Hollywood’s "master of satire."

The myth of an epic, public life—its triumphs and tragedies—is a particularly American obsession. ROAR is a metafictional exploration of such a life and attendant fame of an extraordinary, and completely made up, man.

Born in Nashville in 1940 and adopted by a wealthy San Francisco couple, Roger Orr—“Roar”—became an underground stand-up comedian with a cult following while still in his teens, segueing to an acclaimed songwriter in the Sixties. In the decades that followed, his talent spanned the worlds of entertainment, from film directing and books to fine art (paintings, sculpture). His promethean energies expanded to the world of medicine; he became a dermatologist, the first to patent cadaver skin for burn victims. A spiritual seeker who returned to India throughout his life, Roar was also a voracious lover of both men and women.

The journey of Roger Orr was a premonition of the cultural earthquakes to come. It wasn’t until his 40s that Roar learned his birth mother was black and it wasn't until his early 60s when he began the hormonal treatment and surgeries that chipped away at the armor covering what he always knew was his true identity: that of a woman.

Roar’s saga is best told by a cacophony of voices—family members, critics, historians, and the famous (Meryl Streep, Amanda Gorman, Dave Chappelle, Andy Warhol)—including some heard from the grave. In ROAR, Wagner brilliantly paints a vivid picture of one man, our times, and our culture's enduring obsession with fame.


Ed Begley
Hayden Begley
Marshall Bell
Kate Berlant
Graydon Carter
Beverly D'Angelo
Gavin De Becker
Dana Delany
Debbie Drooz
Griffin Dunne
John Early
Lisa Edelstein
Deborah Eisenberg
Kim Estes
Ochun Farlice
Jordan Firstman
Stephen Fry
Jack Geren
Nick Gillie
Mitch Glaser
Jennifer Grey
Sam Kashner
Billie Lourd
Kelly Lynch
Marc Maron
Duke Mason
Scarlett Moberly
Kevin Nealon
David Philp
Jamie Rose
Colleen Shanks
Wally Shawn
Bob Thiele
David Unger
Bruce Wagner
Sam Wasson
Vivicca Whitsett
Susan Yeagley

Billie Lourd, Kelly Lynch, Wally Shawn, Stephen Fry, Kate Berlant, Griffin Dunne, Gavin De Becker, Graydon Carter, Dana Delany, Beverly D’angelo, Jamie Rose, Lisa Edelstein, Kevin Nealon, Ed Begley Jr.
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December 17
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