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Do you want to stop your inner critic? Do you want to learn how to say "no" in a friendly and respectful way? Do you want to stop asking for approval all the time? Then keep reading….

Remember back in the day when you were still a girl and in school? You had a question, but you were waiting for the right moment to ask it. Time passed and passed, until it was too late. Or you just decided not to ask it all because you thought the other kids might think you were silly or stupid. 

Do you, as a grown-up woman, still need the approval of someone else to decide which restaurant to go to?

If you recognize this, it can be an indication of low self-esteem.

You might have convinced yourself that having low self-esteem is something you were born with. But did you know some very confident and famous women like Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry were suffering from a low self-esteem once. They worked on it, and you can do the same.

Here is just an tiny fraction of what you will discover in Self Esteem for Women:

Which habits will constructively raise and maintain your confidence
Learn how to say "no" gracefully without feeling guilty
How to shut down your inner-critic and ignore it when it returns from time to time
That taking back control of your own life is easier than you imagined
How to set boundaries automatically after structural changes of your self-image

Take a brief moment to imagine and picture your new self after applying the tools and techniques from this workbook:

You are confident and assertive
You know yourself, so you know exactly what you want
This results in you setting your boundaries without doubting
It´s easy to make decisions
Your partner, friends, and kids will listen to you when you talk because you are confident and assertive
Your friends will ask you what you want
You are your real you, and most important, your inner critic is finally silenced

Even if you have heard several other books regarding self-esteem and confidence without seeing real results, don´t worry. This book guides you with easy-to-follow exercises, and encourages you to take action. It´s an actual workbook. This will increase your chances of success big time.

Do you deserve a healthy self-esteem like everybody else? Then download today!

Cherie Vaughan
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December 10
Maria van Noord