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Crack the code of profitable self-publishing

Learn how to plan, write, publish, and market your book from a proven seven-figure author.

Are you struggling to take your first steps as a writer?
Is the self-publishing process a mystery to you?
Are you feeling lost and alone in a maze of Online publishing?
Have you discovered that marketing a book is much harder than writing it?
Do you need a no-nonsense, step-by-step guide to self-publishing that’s written by one of the world’s most successful indie authors?

Learn from the best

Joseph Alexander has set the self-publishing world alight by writing and publishing more than 120 books in six years. Earning over $2,500,000 in royalties, he's one of the most successful indie writers in the world and perfectly placed to help you become a self-published sensation.

Self-Published Millionaire is a step-by-step breakdown of Joseph’s unbelievably effective writing and publishing process, and teaches you hundreds of skills, techniques, and secrets you can use to leverage your success on Amazon KDP, iBooks, Kobo, and beyond....

You’ll master every stage of the writing process, from planning and writing, to publishing and marketing, to email automation and outsourcing. Every chapter is jam-packed meaningful insights that will help you dominate your writing niche.  

While Self-Published Millionaire focuses mainly on Joseph’s nonfiction writing and publishing “machine”, co-writer Tim Pettingale adds invaluable knowledge for fiction authors taken from his 20+ years’ experience in the traditional publishing industry.

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Discover how to instantly generate fresh ideas for hundreds of marketable books
Avoid writer’s block and exponentially increase your output
Learn the secret of leveraging successful book titles and subtitles 
Master the publishing process and go from Word to worldwide distribution in minutes
Write a blurbs and product descriptions that actually work to sell your book

In Self-Published Millionaire, Joseph teaches the exact self-publishing formula that took him from private guitar teacher, to more than $2000 a day in royalties.

Includes exclusive publishing tools:

Bonus 1: Download free book templates, cover guides, Photoshop videos, formatting tutorials, and more from our dedicated website.

Bonus 2: Get the exact email text that Joseph used to generate over $4,000 of sales in 48 hours.

Wherever you are in your journey as a writer, Self-Published Millionaire is the Rosetta Stone of self-publishing success.

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