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Do you want to know how to turn on the passion in your sex life? Well, this book is the answer!

If you are looking for the best guide for sex, you are in the right place!

Don’t go thru short and incomplete list which will just make you regret, get a copy of Sexual Positions to surprise your partner and transform your sex life in a burning fire.

You will have every day the opportunity to choose a new sex position and never get bored anymore!

This book is for all the couple who want to transform their sex life into a mix of love and sex that will improve their relationship in all aspects.

In couple’s sex life, it is normal to go through periods during which the excitement comes down with the consequence of experiencing boredom in bed.

Finally, you found the solution to your problems! You will find a creative list of sex positions that will explode your life in bed.

What you’ll find inside:

The Positive and Negative Impact of Pornography
The Benefits of Sexual Exploration and Discovery
Oral Sex Techniques
The Evergreen Positions
Passion Sex Positions
Naughty Sex Positions
The Spicy Sex Positions
Lotus Sex Explained
Bath Shower Sex Positions
Mastering the Art and Lead up to Sex
Clitoral Stimulation For Female Orgasms
The Human Body and Sexual Sensitivity
The Wonderful World of Spooning Sex
Anal Preparation for Beginners
And much, much more...

This book differs from the other books on sex for many important aspects: 

It is very complete; a wide range of positions are described making sure that there is never lack of news.
The roles of man and woman during each position are perfectly described.
Each position is explained in detail and described in such a way that the excitement rises without becoming vainly vulgar.

In this manuscript you will get the explanations of an expert and passionate authoress, who has been dealing with the subject for all her life.

Diedra Eby
hr min
September 18
Katy Lian

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