Sissy Boy: Feminized and Loving It (Unabridged‪)‬

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Hot, young people all over the world are in the middle of a modern sexual revolution: Unlike the older generations who came before us, we’re blurring the lines of gender and identity in ways that are affirming, sexy, fun, and exciting, both in and outside of the bedroom. This revolution isn’t about abandoning traditional notions of masculinity and femininity — what fun would that be? No, this is about expanding those definitions. 

Why should women get to be the only ones who feel attractive and desirable?
Why should men get to be the only ones who feel powerful and dominant?
Why should what we like to do in the privacy of our bedrooms define who we are as a person?

This book, by best-selling romance and erotica author Alyson Belle, is your blueprint and permission slip to play with gender roles, express your deepest sexual desires to your partners, explore your fantasies, and not feel the least bit ashamed about it. Why let your fantasies remain fantasies? There are people out there who would love to play with you in exactly the way you want. 

Each of the book’s chapters will explore a different facet of your feminization and femdom play, as described below. 

Chapter 1: Power and Consent: This chapter discusses dominant and submissive roles in sex and introduces some important concepts for any kinky bedroom play, including responsible use of power, enthusiastic consent, and defining and respecting boundaries.
Chapter 2: Female Domination: This chapter provides an introduction for women who will be taking a dominant role in their bedroom play (femdom), explains how to develop the self-confidence and mindset necessary to play the domme in the bedroom, and suggests actual activities and methods to play with a submissive partner.
Chapter 3: Feminization: This chapter provides specific, detailed advice for feminizing men, including crossdressing and clothing selection guidance, make-up tips geared toward making even the most masculine men as feminine and pretty as possible, and more ideas for fun activities you can try while feminized.
Chapter 4: Humiliation and Punishment: This chapter introduces humiliation and punishment as possibilities for your bedroom play and covers how to decide whether they’re right for you and your partner. Responsible BDSM play including the proper use of “safe words” is discussed.
Chapter 5: The Talk: This chapter provides listeners with strategies and tools to talk to their partner, whether male or female, about their desire to try feminization and femdom play. It discusses commonly asked questions, such as “Are you gay?”, “Are you transgender?”, and “Why is our sex life now not good enough?” so that listeners can reflect and prepare to have an open, honest conversation about those same topics with their partner. It also provides guidance for cases where your partner has no interest in participating in your kink, and suggests methods for finding new partners who may already be comfortable with the idea of feminization and femdom play.
Chapter 6: Advanced Maneuvers: In this chapter, listeners will learn how to satisfy their exhibitionist and multi-partner fantasies in ways that are safe, legal, and considerate.

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April 7
Alyson Belle

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