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Designed for non-scientists,
Six Easy Pieces is an unparalleled introduction to the world of physics by one of the greatest teachers of all time.

The late Richard P. Feynman was Richard Chace Tolman Professor of Theoretical Physics at the California Institute of Technology. He was awarded the 1965 Nobel Prize for his work on the development of quantum field theory. He was also one of the most famous and beloved figures of the 20th century, both in physics and in the public arena.

Science & Nature
hr min
April 25
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Customer Reviews

Jordopia ,

I got your physics right here pal!

Despite the fact that the first 40 minutes or so is tarnished by tape distortion, the rest of the audio is pretty good considering its manufacture. The other downside is that, since it is a lecture, a certain amount of the lecture is visual and that is somewhat lost on the listener. However, it is one of the most interesting introductory physics lectures of the 20th century by one of the greatest ever physicists and kind of hilarious all at the same time. If you are a person who wants to expand your mind then get it, but, if you are a person concerned with superficiality and can't imagine yourself having to listen to something that isn't super clear modern digital, then don't.

Ryan_IRL ,

Worth it for Feynman fans.

I'll admit, the first lecture is *very* hard to listen to, but this is explained in the introduction. People giving it 1 star didn't listen long enough. The rest of the lectures are fine quality. It's the content I'm interested in.

Listening to this brilliant speaker is worth the effort in my opinion. It's really great material, and I'm thrilled it was released despite some issues.

DHfromLA ,

Don't bother with this book.

The content is interesting, but the sound quality is very poor. You will regret the purchase and it is unlikely you will finish listening to the book. I was shocked that iTunes even sold something this bad to me.

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