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Are you looking for a soap distributor and not sure which soap maker to start with? Hey, wait! Why don’t you try yourself at home? 

Because, this natural soap-making book for beginners will really help you make soap at home. This complete beginner's guide to making cold-processed soap explains the basics, so you can get creative with natural, healthy ingredients and also be squeaky clean.

Soaps are very important household cleansing products and involved in our daily lives. It washes and cleans our hands, cleans dust, dirt...and also all the protective oils from our skin. After using soap, we end up with dry, prematurely aging skin. 

If you have ever wanted to learn how to make your own soaps in the comfort of your own home, then this audiobook will be your buddy! It is time for you to take action and get started because it has complete guidance from beginning to end. 

In our book on handmade soap recipes, you will learn how to make the best handmade soap - one that contains natural oils and organic additives. The homemade soap will be enriched with oils such as olive oil, peach oil, wheat germ oil, and many other oils that have a moisturizing and rejuvenating effect on your skin.

Unlike other soap-making books, Soap Making for Beginners starts from scratch with colors and fragrances, both of which are devoid of artificial ingredients. Learn how to make simple bars, Castilian soaps, shampoo bars, salt soaps, milk soaps, and more. You will even find nut-free recipes.

After listening to this book, you will learn:

How to make cold-processed soap using step-by-step instructions 
What are safety guidelines and troubleshooting tips to know
How to design, wrap, and store homemade soap
Which and how essential oils, clay, and other natural elements are used to nourish soap
What are some easy-to-try recipes which you won’t find in other soap-making books
And many more things to start small business at home

Those who want to build their brand or looking for small business, this audiobook is for you. You are just one click away from making soap like a professional!

Stephen M. Gillikin
hr min
February 26