State of the Union 1983 State of the Union 1983

State of the Union 1983

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The 1983 State of the Union address, delivered January 25, 1983, focuses on “what we can do together -- not as Republicans and Democrats, but as Americans -- to make tomorrow's America happy and prosperous at home, strong and respected abroad, and at peace in the world.”

Reagan praises a bipartisan proposal to save social security. He blames deficits on domestic spending and not on defense spending or tax cuts. A four-part plan is proposed to reduce the deficit: first, a federal spending freeze; second, reducing fraud and waste in programs such as food stamps; third, reductions in defense spending; and fourth, a future tax increase but only if Congress approves the spending freeze.

Reagan proposes the Employment Act of 1983 to provide training for the long-term unemployed. Educational reforms are proposed to promote math and science and tax credits for parents who send their children to private or religiously affiliated schools. Many other reforms relating to port modernization, women’s rights, civil rights, crime, agriculture, job training, health care, and technology are proposed.

In the international arena, we export over 20 percent of our industrial production and 40 percent of our farm produce. As the leader of the West, “America must be an unrelenting advocate of free trade.” While pursuing arms reduction with the Soviet Union, Reagan insists that agreements be verifiable, noting “the overwhelming evidence of Soviet violations of international treaties”.

Reagan asserts that “America is on the mend” and asks Congress “to make government a help, not a hindrance to our people in the challenging but promising days ahead.”

Audio recording courtesy of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

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