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Have you wondered why the “good” guy is susceptible to Complex PTSD (CPTSD)?  

There are many subtle hints and emotions that are indicators of CPTSD; however, you can address the issues and fix them. Understand how your brain operates and how to utilize both sides of your brain's hemispheres to help stimulate the mind into repairing itself naturally. 

Have you ever felt like you were filled with anger or rage? The reptilian portion of your brain control fear and anger. Your two most basic functions as humans. This is the part of the brain where our instinctual “fight” of “flight” defense mechanisms exists. You either instinctively run from a stressful or threatening situation, or you stay and fight.

When you experience a traumatic event in your life your mind reacts defensively. Your brain automatically puts up a barrier from the trauma to your mind to ward off the pain you experienced. Learn why your brain and body become separate entities and how to integrate them back in harmony to heal and begin to move forward with your life.

You may never know exactly how you will react during a traumatic event, but afterwards you may feel like you have become reactive and defensive. Understand why you resist accepting help from anyone ever again. Is your mind just protecting you from further trauma, or are you cutting the whole world off to a fault?

Do you blame yourself for what has happened to you? Do you beat yourself up, or ruminate in despair over the past? Learn why your inner locus of control is the reason for self-hatred. Ironically, you beat yourself up because you take ownership of your life and do not blame others for what has happened to you.

You cannot change how your brain is wired. You can be aware of how your brain works and understand that you cannot change the brain wiring necessarily, but you can change yourself, your attitude, and your outlook on yourself and the situation.

Do not trust everyone. Conversely, do not hate and push everyone away either. Figure out why you distrust to the point of self-sabotage and become aware of your inner self. Fight back against your natural, innate human tendencies that are designed to protect you. Refocus yourself and your life and gain traction in the right direction. Your journey forward starts here. Your path to healing begins now.

Judy Kriz
hr min
March 22
J.B. Snow Publishing