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Suffering comes in all shapes and sizes but is most often disguised by the passing of time and the distraction provided by the outside world. The solution to this lies not in ignoring your suffering but in choosing to view it, in a positive way. This book presents a new way to think about suffering, showing how we can use our minds to overcome difficulties and make the best of situations. Drawing on cutting-edge scientific research, including brain imaging to demonstrate how the brain is wired to seek pain relief, this book offers a practical scientific approach that is truly life-affirming. 

This book is a revolutionary wake up call for everyone who lives life. Unexpected events and situations may provoke suffering, but suffering will not diminish if you think positively. Instead, you can actually learn to use this mind phenomenon to overcome obstacles and challenge situations.

Through the power of positive thinking, you can rise to the occasion. 

In this book, you will learn how to use your mind to overcome obstacles and improve your surroundings. In order to do this, you need to be prepared to embrace positivity and improve your mindset. The next step is knowing what will work. We all face difficult situations and there are times when we are left without a script. The key is to make the right choice in order to overcome and transform disappointing situations. This book will teach you how to use the power of positive thinking and produce positive results from your circumstances.

This book covers the following topics: 

Thinking and believing for success 
The subconscious mind and the secret of communicating with it 
Why it's important to be optimistic in life 
Power of the willpower 
Life's greatest power lies within yourself
Using the "master mind " principle for success in life
Self-confidence: it’s the limit of one's own mind 
The habit of persistence: it's the steppingstone to success 
The power of making a vision into reality
Overcoming obstacles and achieving success
And much more 

If you are currently in crisis or in need of a change, this book is for you. Yet, if you are comfortable with your life, then this book is also for you. By making the right choices, you can use the power of positive thinking to bring about changes that will involve yourself and those around you. The biggest part of transformation is choosing to believe in yourself. Do this, and you can find hope, positivity, and hope that things will change in your life. It is the power of positive thinking!

Mark Williams
hr min
March 22