Take Me: Duff Coven, Book 2 (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

Lachlan is a vampire of many layers. He has the body and soul of a warrior, but a kind, loving heart. He is fiercely loyal to his Coven Master and best friend Callum (to whom he’s second in command), and to his people. Lach owns and runs a bakery in the village, working alone to feed the coven a variety of delicious sweeties. But he’s tired of being alone, especially when it comes to his personal life. He’s so happy for Callum and the love he shares with his mate Brodie, but yearning burns inside him to find his own perfect mate. In the most unexpected way, he meets his scared, secretive little lamb, and is thrilled to give his mate all the tender, loving care he so desperately needs. 

Lennox's road hasn't been easy—he lost his family at 14 and has spent the past four years in a boys' home, where he's battled loneliness and sadness. He's released when he comes of age, and just when he thinks he's found a friend and a chance for a happy future, he learns how horribly wrong he was when that "friend" turns on him in the worst way. With no one to lean on and nowhere to go, Lennox runs, and soon finds himself homeless and hungry. When things look bleakest, Fate intervenes, delivering a strong, handsome savior. Lennox is guarded and scared, but if he can learn to trust again, he can find eternal happiness in arms that will never let him fall. 

This is the second book in the Duff Coven series, and they are best enjoyed when listened to in order. This M/M paranormal romance is for listeners 18 and up! It contains no cliff-hangers or cheating, and has a very happy HEA. It is low angst and insta-love, and features steamy scenes between a sexy vampire and his fated mate, loads of teeth-tingling sweetness, and just a touch of gore.

Trigger warning: attempted sexual assault and brief mention of animal abuse.

Eddie Herrera
hr min
September 8
Jayda Marx