Tarot for Beginners: Master the Art of Psychic Tarot Reading, Learn the Secrets to Understanding Tarot Cards and Their Meanings, Learn the History, Symbolism and Divination of Tarot Reading (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • $12.99

Publisher Description

If you're ready to learn how to read Tarot, then Tarot For Beginners is for you! Inside this audiobook you’ll find the history behind tarot Cards and learn about the symbolism represented in the decks. It doesn’t matter if you’re an absolute beginner, or if you’re looking to reconnect to the tarot that you’ve known before. There are methods provided to teach you how to not only read the cards as you encounter them, but also to make intuitive interpretations of each card individually as well as in their relation to the rest of the deck.

Tarot started as a card game in the mid-14th century, and over the years slowly morphed into a tool of Divination. Since that time, Tarot has become a trusted source for personal introspection and guidance. Traditionally shrouded in mystery and even fear, the Tarot has begun to pull away from the negative stigma that is associated with it. In recent years the Tarot has increased in popularity, possibly because of the uncertain times we are living in or because it is a part of a larger trend towards mindfulness. No matter the reason you are drawn to the Tarot, with the information in this audiobook, you can easily learn how to read and use the cards!

In this audiobook you'll learn:

The history of tarot
How to choose your first deck and clear energies
Breakdown of the major and minor arcana
Introduction to “The Fool’s Journey”
Techniques for reading tarot
Practice spreads
Sample readings 
And so much more...

With this audiobook you will discover how to create a connection to the tarot and develop your skills of intuition as you work with the cards. It’s this connection that you will rely upon to form your own opinions and explanations of the readings you provide for yourself and others.

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Lucy Cook
hr min
October 22
Shelly O'Bryan