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Frequently, we don't pay attention ... but in particular moments, you too may have noticed some small recurrences or "numerical" coincidences ... For example ... have you ever seen recurring numbers?

Do you want to know the mysterious Tarot cards for what they really are?

Today, after 25 years of practice and work with numbers and cards, I looked back and asked myself: "Why, why did I come into contact with this beautiful disciplines? And why I have practiced them for all this time?"

Well ... the most beautiful and USEFUL thing for me is surely that of having developed a remarkable ability to observe! The second thing, even more beautiful, was to understand how to improve my relationship with others in an extraordinary way. The third thing is that, progressively, getting to know myself more and more, I DISCOVERED MY TRUE TALENTS and in which directions I can express them to the fullest.

This radical new 2 in 1 bundle contains everything you need to know to incorporate tarot as a daily practice, develop your own intuition, while exuding an extremely honest and positive vibe and answering your most common questions regarding love, career, and personal development.

Here’s what you can learn:
The mysterious history of Tarot and some very curious factsHow numerology works – an easy but accurate explanationThe insider secret to learn the meanings of every card with the ancient art of memoryHow to choose your friends and partner to have harmonious communication with themThe correct and original meaning of all the cards, including their reversed meaningWhat is going on with some people, and why there is always a reason people do what they doHow to make better decisions with tarotAnd much more!
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Megan Meyer
hr min
January 11
Oprah Phillips