The Billionaire's Hope: Covington Billionaires, Book 4 (Unabridged) The Billionaire's Hope: Covington Billionaires, Book 4 (Unabridged)

The Billionaire's Hope: Covington Billionaires, Book 4 (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • $17.99

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Mr. Dangerous, meet Miss Impulsive.

I hadn't seen Nick since high school, the day he broke my brother's nose. I bumped into him while trapped in Las Vegas with no way to get home. Maybe this was my second chance.

I didn't accept the ride to LA on the back of his bike just because he'd been the hottest and baddest boy in school. I swear I didn't.

My life was all planned out. I left my sensible house every day in my sensible clothes and went to my sensible job. 

Until, some crazy targeted me, and it all went up in smoke. 

Now, I'm done being sensible. I know what I want, and he's pure trouble. Nick's all wrong for me, but only he can keep me safe.

I'm falling for him. It can't work. It doesn't make sense. I'm walking straight into a broken heart, and I can't stop. 


We came from different worlds. She was trouble wrapped in temptation. It would be wise to keep my distance.

The last time I'd dared to touch Katie, her brother foolishly took a swing at me. Her family taught me a painful lesson that day about money and power.

I broke his nose. They destroyed my life.

Today she desperately needed a ride back to LA. Six hours of her warm body wrapped around mine on the back of my bike was the price she'd have to pay. 

With her life in flames, the danger was more real than she knew. When she ran from her brother and into my arms, the kiss was meant to scare her off.

It didn't work. She's sexual napalm, and I'm the match. Now we're both toast.

Katie's vulnerable, and I need to keep her safe and oh so close. Now that I have her, I'm not giving her up.

Even if it destroys me. 

The Billionaire’s Hope is the fourth standalone novel in the Covington Billionaire romantic suspense series. If you like powerful, driven heroes, strong, intelligent women, and twist-filled plots, you’ll love Erin Swann’s latest steamy romance.

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Susan Fouche, Will M. Watt
hr min
July 29
Swann Publications