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11 complete stories at a great price!


The Cat in the Hat read by Kelsey Grammer
Horton Hears a Who read by Dustin Hoffman
How the Grinch Stole Christmas read by Walter Matthau
Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are? read by John Cleese
The Lorax read by Ted Danson
Yertle the Turtle, Gertrude McFuzz, and The Big Brag read by John Lithgow
Thidwick, the Big-Hearted Moose read by Mercedes McCambridge
Horton Hatches the Egg read by Billy Crystal
The Cat in the Hat Comes Back read by Kelsey Grammer

Kids & Young Adults
Kelsey Grammer
hr min
October 14
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Customer Reviews

grahamdad ,

individual tracks would be nice

dr seuss audiobooks are my saviour on the road. this one has a dozen or so stories, which is great, but they are all lumped in one track, which is really annoying when trying to skip or repeat stories to avert tantrums. also, the audio quality is variable, poor to fair.

Chrissy-1 ,

Watch out...Won

My children and I love Dr. Suess, so when I bought them their own MP3 players (cheap ones) I thought they'd love some stories to go on them. Two problems,
1. the files are protected so only itunes or your apple products can play them. (Can't convert too other formats)
2. Can't burn to CD, as it comes as one file, and that file is to large to fit on a CD. Plus since it's a protected file, you can't split it up onto separate discs. This had me really frustrated. I do on occasion allow my kids to listen to my iphone, but I personally am not about to allow my kids free rein on such an expensive (and fragile) piece of equipment.

The discussion boards discuss possible ways to address problems like this, but they seem to work only for files that are not as large as this one. I'm stumped. My only recourse seems to be third party programs that can burn the files to my hard drive instead of a CD, and I'm unsure that will work. I'd hate to fork over the cash on a maybe...

So a file that's intended for children becomes pretty inaccessible.

Kristinoh ,

One Track Disappointment

The stories: amazing. We all know that, that's why we're purchasing them.
The voice actors: amazing. They are all famous actors which excellent expression. The format: lousy. As stated by others, it's one huge file which makes skipping stories a real pain. For various reasons, I don't want my kids listening to every story in this collection. There is no track selection or next chapter option which I have experienced in other audiobooks and I am very disappointed. It is a very unaccessable file and I would rather purchase a CD with track options than one huge audio file.

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