The Days of Myth: God Stones, Book 3 (Unabridged) The Days of Myth: God Stones, Book 3 (Unabridged)

The Days of Myth: God Stones, Book 3 (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • $21.99

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Dangerous magic saturates the world. Dragons, giants, and sentient trees roam the Earth. As the apocalypse unfolds, the fate of humanity rests with a small group of teens.

Garrett Turek survived his first run-in with the sinister Apep, but surviving came at a great cost. Breanne Moore - the beautiful girl from his dreams who traveled thousands of miles to help him - was snatched away. Now he will stop at nothing to get her back, even if it means ignoring an ancient prophecy and the destiny laid out for him since his birth. To find Breanne, Garrett and his friends must leave the safety of their small Midwestern town and travel across a country in turmoil, contending with dragons, giants, and shape-shifting trees. But their true foe may be someone from Garrett’s past - someone growing in power and hungry for revenge.

In Mexico, Breanne and young Gabi have escaped the clutches of Apep and the King of the Giants, finding safety in a hidden cenote. But in order to save a loved one, they must abandon their safe haven and strike out on a dangerous journey through a jungle filled with creatures enhanced by the power of Apep’s magic. No matter what, Breanne must keep Gabi safe, protecting her not only from the new dangers that seem to lurk around every corner, but also from herself.

Why are the trees of the world waking and walking? Why are some able to shape-shift? And what do they want with Garrett Turek?

Can Garrett and the others find Breanne in time to save her, or will they be the ones in need of saving? 

Can Breanne protect Gabi on their journey, or will leaving the safety of the cenote be a deadly mistake?

The Days of Myth is the third book in the award-winning God Stones young-adult contemporary fantasy series. If you enjoy well-developed mythical creatures anchored in a world where the unbelievable feels believable, then you’ll love Otto Schafer’s coming-of-age adventure.

Will you have the courage to discover the secrets revealed in The Days of Myth?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
A.J Carter
hr min
January 14
Otto Schafer