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You have cherished and enjoyed Nicholas Sparks' previous romantic novels, and now it's time to take your reading to the next level. Expert Book Reviews brings you a thoroughly engaging analysis of Sparks' latest novel, The Longest Ride. This review is the perfect companion to your reading as it delves deep into the characters, narrative and themes of the book.

Gain the perspective of literary experts while you catch hidden meanings and symbolism that may not have been apparent on your first read-through. From Ira's narrative to the twist denouement, see how every detail of Sparks' writing adds to the overall story and its ultimate message. This comprehensive review and analysis coherently explains the plot of the novel before delving into more subjective concepts. What makes the novel so emotionally uplifting, and how do the two couples mirror each other's lives?

An instant book club party!

Life, "the longest ride," is a journey about love and relationships. Sparks takes this idea and enhances it with heart-stealing male protagonists and their romantic partners. You will gain a more satisfying reading experience when you dig deeper into the novel's message about life and the relationships with which we fill it.

Explore the North Carolina setting and how it influences the development of the leading gentlemen. Enhance your reading experience with expertly crafted analyses of major themes and symbols throughout the novel. Did you notice the recurrence of particular landscapes and what they say about the story's message?

Learn more about The New York Times bestselling author, Nicholas Sparks, and how he started his writing career with The Notebook. If you have a chance to watch the eight films derived from his novels, you can compare media to see how his characters are portrayed on screen. If you liked Sparks' The Best of Me or Safe Haven, you'll love The Longest Ride.

This Book Review & Story Analysis conveniently lays out the hidden gems: plot points you might miss, symbols that only become obvious on a second or third read-through, and themes that affect your understanding of the story.

Table of Contents
Book Review
Section about author Nicholas Sparks
Character Reference List
Chapter-by-Chapter Plot Summary & Story Analysis
Spoiler Alerts warn you ahead of time
Major Themes & Symbols
Analysis of Key Characters
Book Club Discussion Questions & Responses

It's like discussing the novel with your friends or going to a book club meeting. But you don't need to drive anywhere!

Packaged together in a fun and entertaining format, the entire discussion is delivered instantly to your device. If you haven't read The Longest Ride yet, we'll let you know what to expect with savvy analysis and an honest review. If you're already reading the novel, then we'll be your tour guide through every chapter, heightening your enjoyment at every moment of intrigue, suspense, and humor.

Regardless, this is your map when you're deep in the intricate storytelling and fascinating imagery of Nicholas Sparks' novel. You'll see the book in a whole new way.

Michael Sears
hr min
December 2
Expert Book Reviews

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