The Soul That Was Me: A Memoir About My Wife The Soul That Was Me: A Memoir About My Wife

The Soul That Was Me: A Memoir About My Wife

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A True Story From The Third World
They expect that their life will be perfect, they lived happily until their world turns upside down, Contain love storm, laugh, and tears, where suffering pervades, where unbeatable battles are lost, and journeys carry pain where the creator can give hope and patience to continue, Enter the tale of true love testimony to the story of life, despite all the pain and struggle, never give up, never give up on a good fight, Reaching the true light that leads the way. Describe how destiny brought us together, and how difficult our relationship is in its infancy.
Can they overcome their disappointment? Will their love remain? Will they be able to stand again?
? 5 years of fighting with cancer, A story I wanted to share with the world.
This memoir takes you through the various challenges of raising a family of 3 boys and balancing a career, all while my wife battles to defeat the odds of survival. Both Naif and his sweetheart, Doaa found hope and happiness.
Poems that I wrote to her
You describe me as selfish because I want you to stay longer?
Despite your pains!
Never leave me!
I was created for this world to make you happy
affectionate heart.
I don't see anything, except you; you are my soul.
How can you leave me!
How can I complete my life without you? You are my life.
How can you leave me!
Without you, I am nothing, I have no value, so who has me except you, how can you leave me!
Our children will live on to see the world through your wide eyes.
How can you leave us!
Listen well, stubborn lady, God's mercy is wide,
You will not leave me alone.™
Hopefully to reach A New York Times and to the world to read our story, This is my first and last story.

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Trevor O Hare
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August 20
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