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This book was written during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. For the first time in many of our lifetimes, the entire world is fighting an unseen enemy, and the biggest losers are Americans. Why? Why are Americans suffering and dying at more than double the percentage of other countries? The answers can probably be found in your refrigerator or pantry.

If you are American, you've been sold a bunch of bolognas (literally) about being too busy to prepare and eat whole, natural food. Fast food and highly processed food have become so typical for you that you can't even imagine a day without them. Almost every food label in an American pantry has sugar or corn syrup in it. Practically every meal in America has starch as a significant component. Fiber is rare. Vitamins are even more limited.

Americans have suffered and died from this pandemic at an alarming rate because chronic diseases are most common in America due to Americans' unhealthy diet and habits. It's time for a change. Equally troubling, countries other than America have chronic disease cases on the rise. Why? They're buying into the American diet. This consumer ignorance and corporate greed must stop. And the reality is that it can end. Easily. Simple lifestyle changes can turn the tide on escalating health risks.

What about you? Do you struggle with mysterious aches and pains, chronic diseases, anxiety, depression, brain fog, digestion issues, fatigue, inflammatory complications, dizziness, or other unexplained symptoms? 

These maladies can all be helped or even eradicated with lifestyle changes that will improve your vagal tone. What is your vagal tone? Your body has a natural, built-in regulator of health and well-being known as the vagus nerve. If it is working correctly, your physical and mental health will be the beneficiaries, and you will have a healthy vagal tone. The Vagus Nerve seeks to illuminate this pathway to better health that you may not find at your typical doctor's office.

Hopefully, by the completion of this book, you will:

Understand what and where the vagus nerve is
Realize all the organs and systems it affects
Recognize signs that it may not be functioning correctly
Learn natural techniques to improve their tone
Be exposed to alternative therapies that may be ideal for your needs
See chronic diseases in a different light
Be ready to incorporate lifestyle changes that will improve your vagal tone
Have a better understanding of your gut biome
Try yoga
Commit to yoga
Give up sugar, highly processed foods, and unhealthy fats
Expand your diet to a greater variety and frequency of fruits and vegetables
Work on building positive social networks

Undoubtedly, the lessons learned from the 2020 pandemic should be those poor lifestyle choices that will ultimately lead to sickness, disease, and even death. Furthermore, social isolation has reminded us that we need each other. Taking steps to improve your vagal tone will ultimately improve your health and your quality of life. 

Why not choose to live and to live well?

Science & Nature
Garrett Kiesel
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January 28
Polyvagal Theory