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A to Z of Selling with Ease and Closing the Deal includes four books in one bundle, giving people a comprehensive package that could help them increase their business profit by improving their sales skills.

Most individuals who own a business strive to find the best ways to attract more customers and have better sales. Business owners have their own strategy on how they can promote their products and generate profits. There are some who are successful in their chosen strategy, while others fail to receive the results that they want. 

In this world of business, people with consultative selling, failed strategies, fragile rapport, and imperfect probing can suffer from failed sales. This is because, people are experiencing difficulties to properly manage and handle things due to lack of knowledge and guidance. But, they need not to worry anymore since there is already an effective answer on how they are going to help their customer create a valuable decision in choosing their business.

The first book included in the bundle is Asking the Right Questions: Secrets of Power Negotiation and Sales Techniques for Sales People. With this book, entrepreneurs and businesses will learn how to observe every customer’s needs and convert them into an effective tool to convince them, buy their products, or avail their services. The book serves as a powerful guide for consultative selling. The book is equipped with essential topics and valuable tips that could help entrepreneurs have the winning mind-set that could appeal to large scope of customers in the market.

The second book included in the bundle is Failure Is Not an Option!: How to Build Self-Esteem and Gain Self-Confidence for Life. The book contains result-driven strategies and steps on how entrepreneurs have to face their failure or fear and how they could develop self-confidence as well as self-esteem to help them make sound judgment during decision-making.

The third book The Power of No: An Ultimate Guide to Mastering Your Negotiation Skills will teach listeners that saying no occasionally is necessary. This is for those who are not 100 percent confident about what they are doing. The book contains tips and strategies on how entrepreneurs could nicely negotiate with customers and how or when to reject offers, as necessary.

Finally, the bonus book Fine Art of Small Talk: Conversation Starters for Business Networking and Daily Life contains plenty of conversation starter tips and examples - all of which are meant to help you initiate small talk with anyone, anytime, anywhere. As the title entails, 10 seconds is all you’ll need to get someone to pay attention to you. Keep in mind that moments of awkward silence are not worth fretting over. 

About the author: The book’s author is an entrepreneur, multiple online businesses owner, writer, and worldwide traveler. He used to work at the top management level for dozens of international companies, including Fortune 500 companies.

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Christopher C. Odom
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April 1
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