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In 2006,
Forbes magazine ranked Tom Cruise as the most powerful celebrity in the world. With three Golden Globe awards, three Academy Award nominations, and 27 films with an average box office gross of nearly $100 million,
People magazine's choice for the "Sexiest Man Alive" in 1990 is unquestionably one of the biggest movie stars of our time.

He has also become one of the most controversial, for his outspoken championship of Scientology, for his criticism of Brooke Shields for turning to the "Nazi science" of psychiatry for help with postpartum depression, and for the time in 2005 when he jumped on Oprah Winfrey's couch proclaiming his love for Katie Holmes. But for all the headlines and the rumors swirling around him, the real Tom Cruise has remained surprisingly hidden: until now.

For two years, acclaimed investigative journalist Andrew Morton has been uncovering the true story of Tom Cruise: from his days as bullied "little Tommy Mapother", to his early stardom, to his romances, and his increasingly public involvement in the world of Scientology. With new sources and exclusive interviews, Morton brings us never-heard revelations about the private, sometimes shocking world of Tom Cruise.

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January 15
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Customer Reviews

questionning ,


It is obvious that the author has an axe to grind. Much of his writing is not factual; some of the writing exagerates and parts of his story positions Cruise as a criminal would frame an innocent man. Recently I viewed Morton on the Today show. To the uninformed viewer who reads the tabloids, he poses as knowledgeable, but many of his 'facts' were odd positionings and without accuracy. It seems as though he is an opportunist, capitalizing on the needy who thrive on gossip. There is a segment of the population who would buy and read this quality of journalism, thus profits for the author, in the same vein as pornography for the dimented. I question his intent behind the book... most intelligent people know, it is not to present the truth about the individual discussed. From what I have heard, Cruise has done many good things for people-- seems like a good person.


nadia the clifton ,

Unauthorized should be a dead giveaway

The fact that this book is unauthorized should let the public know, that GEE maybe it's all B.S. So what if he knows the color of his favourite socks, that doesn't mean, he's got the inside scoop. For all we know this could just be a pervet that sniffs Tom Cruises socks, maybe that's how he knows. I thought it was a cheap read, for sure not worth the serious cash they want. If you want to know what type of person Tom Cruise is, and don't want to be swayed by cruelty and judgements, use your own mind. So what if he jumped on a couch, maybe a little couch jumping is what we all need. There are true losers in this world to hate, why are we wasting our energy on the cruise family.

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