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What you think you know about losing weight is wrong!


You are NOT the person to blame! The secret and truth lies hidden for the major part of the population and I will tell you why…

Our entire society is built around consumption and influencing people to buy things. The same goes for the fitness and diet industry. We see diets popping up, becoming popular, only to fade away after some time. Sure, they may work for some people. But have you ever considered how common it is for people that have lost weight to become overweight again…? Media and Big corporations are sadly misleading you… You see, if the corporations gave you the actual method to lose weight, your problem would eventually disappear.

But You have the power to break free from their manipulative tactics

This Bundle was created to ensure that you don't fall out on your self-promise to lose weight. It manage to do so by targeting your subconcious mind in different dimensions. Primarily, the bundle will give you the secret of effective weight loss. The key is to make sure the first step on your journey is the right one, which unfortunately 99% of the people trying to lose weight miss out on.

And the key is to start by rewiring our brain.

In total, five audiobooks are included with 2 scripts each. This means you have 10 wonderfully relaxed experiences to look forward to.

The audiobooks included are:

1. Weight Loss Hypnosis

2. Hypnotic Gastric Band Hypnosis

3. Hypnosis for Weight Loss

4. Gastric Band Hypnosis and

5. Weight Loss Hypnosis for Women

Now, your Dream Body is reachable! But you need to stop letting the fitness industry and media control you… Take charge and break free from their control NOW by purchasing this Bundle! You Deserve It!

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April 18
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