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Would you like to heal your nervous system and shape your body at the same time? Have you ever heard about the vagus nerve and how important its proper function and wellness are? Or, maybe, you are looking for a guide that would help to perfectly balance your body and your mind?

If at least one of these questions got your attention, then keep reading...

Just think for a second. What do you usually do when you feel a little sick or tired? You wait, have a sleep, lay down and have a rest, and after some time, you feel better. Have you ever thought about how powerful your body really is, and even when you keep damaging it repeatedly with bad food, loads of stress, lack of sleep, and inconsistent life, it keeps healing itself every single day. So, what would happen if you start working along with your body instead of against it? That is what I am going to teach you through this book.

We can’t live with almost any organ, but if I have to name the most important one, it is definitely our brain - our identity - an organ that manages every decision and every action inside and outside our body. Vagus nerve is the most important wire that converts those signals into action, and inside this book, I will teach techniques and strategies to keep this nerve and your whole body as healthy as possible.

Here is a short brief of the topics covered in this audiobook:

How is the vagus nerve affecting your well-being?
Diseases associated with the vagus nerve and how to prevent them
How does food affect the gut microbiota and digestion system
Complete guide on how to cure anxiety, stress, and depression
Mind-body therapies for healthy and long life
Much, much more...

Even though the vagus nerve is the main focus of this book, its only goal of it is to teach you how to keep your entire body and mind healthy, no matter if you have dysfunctional vagus nerve or not. Now, it is your turn to take action.

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Science & Nature
Sam Riley
hr min
September 15
DB10 Solutions