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This japanese philosophy will help you regain happiness, appreciate imperfection, and lead a mindful and decluttered life.

Mainstream culture teaches us to strive for perfection and to want more.

You’ve probably thrown things away just because they got tiny scratches or other signs of use. You’ve probably scrolled through endless feeds of perfect bodies, perfect homes, and perfect meals on Instagram and Pinterest - and then you’ve spent time and money trying to achieve that perfection...and ended up being sad and frustrated.

Let’s stop and think whether it’s really necessary. Perfection gets boring, so why don’t we enjoy the uniqueness of imperfection? People and things age with time, so why don’t we accept and appreciate aging as an inevitable part of life?

The Japanses have been doing it for centuries and even invented a name for it: Wabi-Sabi. In short, Wabi-Sabi is about appreciating the beauty and uniqueness of imperfection.

This audiobook will teach you how to incorporate Wabi-Sabi into your mindset and your daily life. This isn’t yet another decluttering audiobook that will tell you to throw everything away. This isn’t yet another audiobook on minimalism that makes a cult out of empty desks and sterile white walls. Instead, this audiobook will help you notice and cultivate beauty in your life and your possessions.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

The three principles of Wabi-Sabi
How to apply Wabi-Sabi to your home: minimalism, shabby chic, and more
How to stop obsessing about perfection and lead a relaxed, mindful life
How to gain mental clarity and focus by getting rid of non-essential physical and mental clutter
And much more!

Some frequently asked questions:

Q: Isn’t Wabi-Sabi just a fancy name for hoarding piles of broken things?

A: No. Wabi-Sabi is about appreciating the beauty of imperfection. Once you’re able to do this, you’ll naturally tend towards minimalism and discarding non-essential things.

Q: How will Wabi-Sabi make me feel better?

A: Among other things, it will make you more forgiving towards yourself and others. Besides, practicing Wabi-Sabi will boost your physical health because you’ll get a brand new perspective on nutrition and exercise. There are many other benefits - just try Wabi-Sabi and see for yourself!

Are you ready to embrace the beauty of imperfection?

Anne Werner
hr min
January 21
Simon Vitale