Wake of War Wake of War

Wake of War

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Zac Topping's breathtaking near-future thriller, Wake of War, is a timely account of the lengths those with power will go to preserve it, and the determination of those they exploit to win back their freedom.

It's 2037, and the United States government is on the brink of collapse amid rebel uprisings and aggressive political maneuvering turning the country into an active war zone.

In a nation where opportunity is sequestered behind doors open only to the privileged, joining the Army seemed like James Trent’s best option. He just never thought he’d actually see combat. Now Trent finds himself on the front lines of a second American Civil War, fighting for a cause he’s not sure he even believes in. The last thing he wanted was to spend his days breaking down doors and chasing after fellow Americans—rebels or not.

Retribution is the only thing driving Sam Cross, and her sharpshooting skills have made her invaluable to the rebel efforts tearing their way across the Midwest. With every successful mission, she's reminded that she's enacting real change, but that hasn't made pulling the trigger any easier. And with each step she takes into the heart of the war effort, she can't help but wonder if there isn't another way.

When these opposing forces clash, alliances are shattered, resolve is tested, and when the dust clears, the only certainty is that the country and its fighting forces will never be the same.

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