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It’s a tale as old as time: The bad boy meets the good girl. He makes a daring proposition. Then the boy gets a mysterious head injury and loses a year of his life....

The first time I meet Rickie, I don’t know what to make of him. The second time we meet, he doesn’t remember the six hours we spent together. Or standing me up afterward.

I’m not the same, either. I’ve got secrets. I’ve told lies. Bad boys aren’t my type, anyway. Even the ones with troubled gray eyes.

But now we’re roommates. Cue the awkward moments in the hallway when he’s wearing only a towel and a smile. He’s determined to win me over, and his talented hands weaken my resolve.

It’s all fun and games until my past rears its ugly head and his secrets come to light, shaking our fragile connection, maybe even breaking it....

Note: This is Daphne Shipley's story. Contents include Vermont-y ice cream flavors, nerdy awkwardness, tattoos, and a playboy grandpa.

Callie Dalton, Zachary Webber
hr min
July 20
Tuxbury Publishing LLC

Customer Reviews

jennamy82 ,

Beautifully written!

Waylaid is book #8 in Sarina Bowen's True North Series. This book is pure perfection and is a must read for fans of this series. The complexities of these characters, the emotional journey they face together and individually was so beautifully written. Sarina Bowen’s writing in this story is phenomenal and I adored every moment with Rickie and Daphne. The audiobook narrated by Zachary Webber and Callie Dalton was fantastic. Zachary Webber has such a smooth, sultry voice that pulled me in from the opening chapter and Callie Dalton did such an amazing job with Daphne’s character as well.

Rickie is on the Shipley farm for the summer. He is immediately attracted and drawn to Daphne but little does he know they have a history due to his amnesia. In the beginning he comes across as a total playboy but as the story develops we learn that there is so much more to him. There is a raw beauty about Rickie that I just adored. He is working through some past trauma and the mystery of it all made my heart break for him as he tried to put together all the missing pieces.

Daphne is the youngest Shipley, and the twin sister of Dylan. She comes across a little bit prickly and misunderstood in previous books in the series so I wasn’t sure how to feel about her going into this but as the story unfolds we learn why and it is completely understandable. There is an honest vulnerability to Daphne and I found her character to be relatable and easy to connect with.

The more and more time Daphne and Rickie spent together the more I fell for them. I adored their every interaction. Their chemistry is undeniable and strong. The way they support one another as they worked through their pasts was truly special.

Any time I pick up a book in the Truth North world I adore spending time with The Shipley’s. They are such a fun family and in Waylaid I especially loved Grandpa Shipley and all his quirkiness. The things that come out of that man’s mouth had me snorting in laughter quite a few times and I just loved it.

This book is most definitely one of my top favourites of the series and highly recommend it!

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