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Today, much of Christendom is closely associated with the eating of animals. Some churches even have hunting and fishing trips. Meat, eggs and dairy are a staple in most professing Christian’s diets. Is any of this in line with God’s will or pleasing to Him? Could it be that so many passages of Scripture that traditions have told us are teaching the ethics of killing animals are actually stating something completely different? This book takes a Scriptural approach to the subject of humanity’s treatment of animals, what God desires from us, and what the Bible says about it all. If you have been raised thinking that animals are here to be food for humans or for our entertainment, then by reading this book you will discover many edifying truths.

There are so many topics covered that almost every question one could have about veganism from a Christian perspective is answered.

The contents of the book are:


Chapter 1: What Is Veganism?

Chapter 2: Terms Used

Chapter 3: What Is Meat?

Chapter 4: What Is God’s Diet For Humanity?

Chapter 5: What About Noah’s Allowance To Eat Flesh?

Chapter 6: How Animal Flesh Gets To Your Plate

Chapter 7: Eggs And Dairy Must Be Humane, Right?

Chapter 8: Factory Farms Are The Problem, Not Family Farms?

Chapter 9: What About Honey?

Chapter 10: God’s Original Provision For Israel Was Vegan

Chapter 11: Animal Sacrifice In The Bible

Chapter 12: Animal Sacrifice And Flesh Eating Go Together?

Chapter 13: Is All Animal Flesh A Sacrifice To Idols? 

Chapter 14: Compassion Towards Animals In Scripture

Chapter 15: Fish In The Bible

Chapter 16: Do Fish Lives Matter? 

Chapter 17: The Feeding Of The Multitudes

Chapter 18: Did Jesus Eat Fish?

... And 48 more chapters answering all the questions you may have about why every Christian should be a vegan!

Religion & Spirituality
Poppy Royana
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August 15