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There is no better way to illustrate God's word than drama - real people facing real life challenges right before real eyes and hearts.

We employed most as part of worship services, often just before the sermon. By presenting these scriptural illustrations, we gathered up the congregation's attention before the sermon and got it focused where the pastor wanted.

They also act as catalysts to bring a theater group together, or to facilitate discussion, or just to have some meaningful fun. And since these dramas can generally be presented with one or two actors, and a minimum set, they're easy to put on.

Use them as templates, too. Drama ministries are important to churches by getting the artists involved. These plays have worked for us, which should encourage you to create your own short plays designed for your church that these.

If you purchase a copy for yourself and each cast member, each play may be presented at least three times within a year from purchase of the cast member copies.

Here are the plays included:

Breaks with God - Three Play Series -Morning Break

Jeff and Mark work together. Mark's a Christian. Jeff is a non-believer who believes he's got it all together. We soon find out he doesn't. In this three play series we see Jeff "all together" come apart then see God, through Mark, pull the essentials all back together again. Illustrates Acts 1:8

Lunch Break (two of three)

A lunch break we find Jeff's life complete unwound. Can Mark help?

Afternoon Break (Three of Three)

Faced with complete ruin, Jeff finally hears God's call. But will it be in time?

A Sense of Security

John and Marcia are on a date - a good date so far. But out of nowhere, Marcia begins to voice a concern - she feels no security in her relationship with John. None what so ever. Does she have a point? Illustrates Matthew 6:24-26

The Willing Lord

Alex comes in from school and immediately announces to her Grandpa that she's going to be a cheerleader - with . tryouts tomorrow, she's going to make cheerleading her thing. Grandpa uses this opportunity to illustrate one of life's great lessons - unless our wants and desires are submitted to God's will, life becomes far less than it could be. Illustrates James 4:13


Lyle and Bruce, two dynamic businessmen, both rocketing toward early retirement, discuss in rapid fire manner, how much will be enough for their retirement goals. An Old Man overhears and interrupts them with his personal experience with that concept of "enough." Illustrates Romans 8:32


It's said there are no atheists in foxholes. What happens if you are? Slo-bo was and thank God He put Marko in the next foxhole over. Illustrates Psalm 91:1


The doctors say Brodrick Morgan is healed. His gunshot wounds certainly are healing, but he doesn't feel healed. What about him still needs the healer's touch. Illustrates 1 Peter 2:24

Sure, I'm Saved

Jordan is passing out tracts at the airport and hands one to John. John refuses it because he's already a Christian. Over the years, he's responded to several altar calls, and is sure he's gotten "his ticket punched." Has he? Illustrates Romans 10:9

Looking Forward, Looking Back

A father and his two son watch their sheep in ancient Israel, they look forward to their redeemer; a father and son live today, and they look back to Christ's work on the cross. Illustrates Job 19:25

Another use for them is to just enjoy them as you would a short story. In a very real sense, that's what they are - short stories without all that pesky narration.

So - enjoy and use.

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August 3
William Kritlow
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