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The most comprehensive single ebook available on nuclear weapons, with three crucial government documents totaling over a thousand pages:

* Nuclear Matters: A Practical Guide to American Nuclear Weapons, History, Testing, Safety and Security, Future Plans, Delivery Systems, Basic Physics and Bomb Designs, Effects, Accident Response

* 2010 Planning Guidance for Response to a Nuclear Detonation - Federal Guidance for a Nuclear Bomb Attack on an American City, Effects, Fallout, Shelter, Medical Care, Decontamination

* The Effects of Nuclear Weapons - Glasstone and Dolan Authoritative Military Reference on Atomic Explosions, Blast Damage, Radiation, Fallout, EMP, Biological, Radio and Radar Effects

Nuclear Matters: This up-to-date and authoritative guide to American nuclear weapons provides a comprehensive description of all facets of the history and current status of the nuclear arsenal, plus background data on bomb design and weapons effects. It is an expanded and revised version of the earlier Nuclear Weapons Stockpile Management Handbook and the Nuclear Weapons Council Handbook. Originally published for the use of Action Officers associated with the Nuclear Weapons Council, previous editions have been modified over time to meet the needs of the larger nuclear weapons community as well as those outside the community who seek a better understanding of the subject. This book is intended to be a reference that explains the history and development of the U.S. Nuclear Weapons Program as well as the current activities associated with sustaining the U.S. nuclear deterrent.

Planning Guidance: This 2010 second edition of the Federal report, Planning Guidance for Response to a Nuclear Detonation, has been the subject of major news reports on revised thinking about shelter-in-place response to a nuclear attack. It provides emergency planners with nuclear detonation-specific response recommendations to maximize the preservation of life in the event of an urban nuclear detonation. One of the most catastrophic incidents that could befall the United States, causing enormous loss of life and property and severely damaging economic viability, is a nuclear detonation in a US city. For this guidance, a nominal 10 KT (kiloton) yield nuclear device is assumed for the purposes of estimating impacts in high-density urban areas. Local and state community preparedness to respond could result in life-saving on the order of tens of thousands of lives.

Effects of Nuclear Weapons: For the first time in e-book format, here is the widely-acclaimed definitive standard reference book on nuclear weapons: the final, third edition of the authoritative Department of Defense text compiled by Samuel Glasstone and Philip Dolan. Every aspect of nuclear explosions is fully detailed - the immediate blast, thermal radiation, radioactivity and fallout, EMP, radio and radar effects, biological damage and the effect on people, plants, and animals, and much more. It includes the practical and scientific analysis of underground and atmospheric tests, as well as the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings.

Contents include: General Principles of Nuclear Explosions * Descriptions of Nuclear Explosions * Description of Air and Surface Bursts * Air Blast Phenomena in Air and Surface Bursts * Air Blast Loading * Interaction of Blast Wave with Structures * Thermal Radiation and Its Effects * Initial Nuclear Radiation * Residual Nuclear Radiation and Fallout * Radio and Radar Effects * Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) and its Effects * Biological Effects * Blast Injuries * Burn Injuries * Nuclear Radiation Injury * Characteristics of Acute Whole-Body Radiation Injury * Combined Injuries

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