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21 weeks.
20 victims.
2 cops at odds.
1 serial killer.

Week 15

Detective Beck Nash is forced to make some difficult decisions in regards to her career and personal life when her pursuit of the serial killer puts everyone she cares about at risk, as Vegas faces a rash of UFO sightings that must be connected to their killer’s murder spree.

Week 16

Expecting their serial killer’s next murder to be as public as his last few, the team rushes to a hospital on lockdown when a man is admitted to the emergency room with a potentially infectious disease, as Detective Beck Nash navigates working with her old partner again.

Week 17

Hijacking the performance of a well-known Vegas illusionist, the serial killer puts his latest victim on public display, making it a challenge for the team to find the victim’s actual physical location, while, to complicate matters, Detective Beck Nash gets a call from mob boss Giancarlo LaVigne.

Week 18

When the serial killer takes someone close to her, Detective Beck Nash must keep it together in order to stay on the investigation, but the outcome of events may finally push this detective to her breaking point.

Week 19

A sniper is terrorizing the city. No way it can be a coincidence, the sudden surge in deaths goes against everything their serial killer has done before. Unless, of course, the killer's victim is not one of those shot.

Week 20

A fire at a family home carries echoes of Sergeant Bishop’s past. The only survivor a young boy, he is also marked as their serial killer’s next victim. As the team rallies to keep the kid out of the hands of a madman, they are so focused on their victim they may miss something that causes one of their own to pay the ultimate price.

Week 21

For forty years, this serial killer has gone without capture.

For twenty weeks, the team at Las Vegas Metro Homicide has been unable to stop him from terrorizing their city again.

With days left to catch him, and facing a threat unlike any the team has faced before, Detective Beck Nash has one chance to prove she may be the only person who has ever been truly equipped to go toe to toe with this killer. Or die trying.

21 Weeks is a fast-paced police procedural thriller series that ramps up in intensity with each victim that falls until its explosive final week.

Warning: This series is about a serial killer. There will be violence. There will be language. There will be other adult things. It is intended for a mature audience.

Mysteries & Thrillers
April 24
Riley LaShea
Smashwords, Inc.

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