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This ebook presents a compilation of authoritative documents providing an excellent, up-to-date overview of the research work of one of America's top research organizations, the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL). NRL has been involved in many historic scientific achievements, including gamma-ray radiography, radar, radio propagation, nuclear subs, the liquid thermal diffusion process, solar spectrum, lubricants, detection of solar x-rays, fracture testing, Vanguard rockets and satellite, over-the-horizon radar, operational intelligence satellites, nuclear reactor safety, deep ocean search, GPS, lasers, holography, gyroscopes, the lunar Clementine satellite, and more.

NRL branches include: Acoustics Division, Acoustic Signal Processing, Acoustic Simulation, Measurements & Tactics, Advanced Electrochemical Materials, Advanced Information Technology, Advanced Materials, Advanced Radar Systems, Advanced Techniques, Aerosol Modeling & Radiation, Aerospace Electronic Warfare Systems, Atmospheric Dynamics & Prediction, Beam Physics, Biological & Analytical Chemistry, Center for Biomolecular Science & Engineering, Center for Computational Materials Science, Center for Computational Physics Developments, Center For Computational Science, Center for Corrosion Science & Engineering, Center For High Assurance Computer Systems, Center for Reactive Flow & Dynamical Systems, Charged Particle Physics, Chemical Dynamics & Diagnostics, Chemical Sensing and Chemometrics, Coastal and Ocean Sensing, Combustion Dynamics, Corrosion Engineering, Electronics Science & Technology, Electronic Warfare Support Measures, Force Protection Lab, Free Space Photonics Communications, Functional Materials, Gas Surface Dynamics, Global Modeling, Health Physics, High-Energy Space Environment, Institute For Nanoscience, Integrated Electronic Warfare Simulation, Interface Design & Evaluation, Laboratory for Computational Physics & Fluid Dynamics, Mapping, Charting & Geodesy, Marine Biogeochemistry, Marine Coatings, Marine Geosciences, Marine Meteorology, Materials Chemistry, Material Science & Technology, Materials Magnetic, Materials & Sensors, Materials Synthesis & Processing, Mesoscale Modeling, Meteorological Applications Development, Microwave Technology, Military Support, Molecular Dynamics, Multifunctional Materials, Naval Center for Space Technology, Navy Center for Applied Research In Artificial Intelligence, Navy Technical Center For Safety & Survivability, Networks and Communication Systems, Occupational Safety & Health Section, Ocean Dynamics & Prediction, Oceanography, Ocean Optics, Office Of Small Business, Operational Networks, Photonics Technology, Physical Acoustics, Plasma Physics, Polymer Physics, Power Electronics, Public Affairs Office, Pulsed Power Physics, Radar, Radiation Hydrodynamics, Radio/Infrared/Optical Sensors, Remote Sensing, Remote Sensing Physics, Seafloor Science, Solar Physics, Solar Theory, Solid State Devices, Spacecraft Engineering, Space Science , Space Systems Development, Special Projects Group, Surface Chemistry, Surface Electronic Warfare Systems, Surface Nanoscience & Sensor Technology, Surveillance Technology, Tactical Electronic Warfare, Technical Information Services, Technology Transfer Office, Theoretical Chemistry, Thermospheric and Ionospheric Research, Tribology, Upper Atmospheric Physics, Vacuum Electronics, Vehicle Research, VSX-1, WindSat, X-Ray/Ultraviolet Astrophysics & Applications.

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