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Life was meant to be easy and fun and exciting and good, and these short but profound statements can change a slightly negative attitude, into a more life enhancing one ... They will wake you up, gently give your mood a boost or have you nodding your head in agreement. Enjoy!

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I'm not here to sell you something, I'm not offering a free report, I'm not booking a time for a webinar, I'm not intending to teach a study course. I won't suggest you leave a testimonial, sign up for the mailing list, join us on facebook, well, you get the gist … I’m not asking you for anything at all.
The good things in life come SO much easier than that!
And that’s just what the words in this e-book will most likely give you, an easier way feel good. There are no recommendations to be given, no rules to follow, no incredible claims enclosed. There's no advice to take, no long stories to read, no great secrets exposed ... just 22 really short and simple ways to change your attitude that will probably help you feel just a little bit better than you did before.
But don't be fooled into thinking this e-book has no value just because you didn't have to pay for it … I found out that some of the most wonderful things in life are FREE!
DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY NOW, give it away for Christmas, print it, sell it, do whatever you like with it … and know that it is simply a gift, from my heart to yours. xox ~ from the author of 500 Confessions

Health, Mind & Body
March 8
Elizabeth Richardson
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