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Tempt your taste buds with this inspirational collection of 300 fabulous chocoholic desserts and decadent treats. It features a delicious range of mouthwatering recipes, including hot soufflés, rich cakes, cold mousses, ice creams and sorbets, tarts, pies and cheesecakes, as well as special treats such as little cakes, slices and bars, candies and truffles, and chocolate drinks. Why not try out the classics, such as Mississippi Mud Pie, Belgian Chocolate Mousse and American Chocolate Fudge Brownies, or if you’re feeling more adventurous, there’s Hot Mocha Rum Soufflé, Black Forest and Kirsch Ice Cream, and Mexican Hot Chocolate all waiting for a taste. Illustrated with 300 sumptuous  photographs of the finished dishes and easy-to-follow instructions to guarantee delectable results every time there is also a complete nutritional analysis for every recipe.

A taste of chocolate is a taste of the exotic. The origins of chocolate can be traced back to the ancient civilizations of South America. The Mayans prized it as gold and the Aztecs drank the divine gift in liquid form. It took almost 200 years to perfect the sweet chocolate we know today, and it can now be found all over the globe, enjoyed by millions as a luxurious, highly sought-after treat.

This book is a collection of 300 inspirational recipes that make the most of this exquisite ingredient. If you are looking for the ultimate dessert for a dinner party, crave a sweet treat in the afternoon, or want to pamper yourself with a sumptuous late-night hot chocolate, this book has the perfect recipe.

All the classics are included, such as Sachertorte, Belgian Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Fudge and Banana Sundae and Rocky Road Chocolate Bars, as well as new and creative ideas such as Luxury Dark Chocolate Ravioli, Cranberry and White Chocolate Ice Cream, Mini Praline Pavlovas and Coffee-chocolate Soda. From profiteroles and puddings to souffles and smoothies, you are sure to find many recipes to try.

The 300 desserts and treats are illustrated with tempting photographs of the finished dishes. With detailed step-by-step instructions for every recipe, useful cook's tips and variations throughout, as well as handy, at-a-glance nutritional information on every page, this glorious book is a must for every chocoholic's kitchen bookshelf

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July 15
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